The Juicebox Difference

Juicebox vs. Other Business Intelligence Solutions


What kind of solution is it?

Juicebox is a low-code, Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) that lets organizations develop and deliver data products and customer-facing analytical dashboards.

Organizations rely on Juicebox to create new revenue streams and solutions from their data.

Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, and other Business Intelligence tools are visual analytics and data exploration tools. They improve data analysis efficiencies through rapid data exploration and dashboard publishing within an organization.

The solution you pick depends on the problem you want to solve.


Who is Juicebox best suited for?

Juicebox helps product leaders who want to create new products, differentiate their solutions, and generate new revenue. Juicebox data authors are development teams and development-savvy data scientists. End-users of Juicebox data applications are your non-analytical customers and/or information workers who want to make smarter decisions.

Tableau & business intelligence tools are for technical leaders (e.g. CIO, CTO) who need to deploy analytical tools internally in the organization. Users of these solutions are data analysts and data-savvy business analysts, who then share the dashboards and visualizations with internal audiences.


How does Juicebox deliver value?

Juicebox delivers storytelling, dashboards, and data visualizations designed to reach thousands of users:

  • Unique guided narrative style uses connected visuals to create engaging data stories with flexibility to drill-down to the most relevant insights.

  • Juice is a complete platform with scalable environment, user permission management, security, and design templates.

  • Juicebox is developer-friendly, providing easy configuration combined with the flexibility of code to achieve a customized, integrated solution.

Tableau and PowerBI deliver powerful data exploration capabilities for an organization by:

  • Offering hundreds of visualization options;

  • Incorporating visualization best practices within charts;

  • Making it easy to get started as analysts move from Excel without data visualization or SQL skills.


How does it differ technically?

Juicebox includes:

  • Expert professional services from concept to product launch

  • Flexible data services that allow for complex and transparent querying of your data source

  • Scalable model designed to serve thousands of users with start-up/MVP-friendly pricing

  • Hands-free hosting via AWS

Tableau and PowerBI includes:

  • Pre-built integrations for common data sources

  • Flexible, traditional dashboard layouts

  • Vast library of chart types and maps

  • Multiple deployment options

  • Network of consultants to help with design and development