So how do you really use data to transform your business?

You’ve got to take a more thoughtful approach to data visualization:

Enable conversations

Data works best as a conversation. Juicebox® guides people though relevant information, encourages discussions and keeps actionable end goals in the forefront.

Focus on the user

We ask what’s useful, not simply what’s possible. Designfulness is about choosing how information is organized and how users interact with it. Juicebox® is clean, sophisticated and information-rich.

Get a complete solution

There are no hidden costs.
No upselling.
We deliver a complete solution. 

Solve your data problem, transform your business.

Juicebox® is a cloud-based (public or private) platform designed to:

Deliver customer reports or dashboards 
that engage users with easy to read, interactive web applications.

Bring data products or applications created from valuable analyses to market or to monetize with customers.

What’s inside the box:

  • Practical data visualizations for non-analysts
  • Robust comparison, goal-setting and benchmarking
  • White-labeled styling and theming
  • Multiple data connection options
  • Advanced sharing techniques and annotations
  • User management and permissions 

Solutions we have a taste for

Whether tracking campaign performance or compliance data, Juicebox® has the tools. 

Data Products

Create new data businesses by monetizing information assets and launching data products. 


Package operational and compliance data as interactive web pages vs. information dense reports that no one reads.

Juicebox customers love Delicious Data


Juice was the clear choice for us – they could accelerate the product’s time to market, integrate into our existing user interface philosophy and ingest disparate data sets on the fly. Juice’s design sense and execution defined a great experience for us.

– Jonathan T. Symonds EVP, Marketing


The Juice team is expert at leading users down a guided path and telling stories with data.

– Robert A. Frist CEO at HealthStream


With Juicebox, we’ve turned raw data into a visually compelling and easy to understand application that helps our customers understand and improve their CPR training performance.

 Alf-Christian Dybdahl Business Unit Director, Emergency Care Laerdal Medical


Juicebox delivers our predictive analytic results to customers in an easy-to-consume, visually compelling way. Working with the Juice team has been great. Their expertise is evident, and their commitment to creating a truly valuable product is realized in Juicebox. Our customers are ecstatic with the results.

– Mario Montag Chief Executive Officer, Predikto