What is this program?

An easy and quick way to get a Juice-designed app using your data on our Juicebox platform.

What do I get from participating in it?

You get a fully-functional, branded Juice reporting application loaded with your data and designed based on your specific data reporting needs. The application includes all the features of our Juicebox platform including user authentication, discussions, and data and image downloads. The result will be a data reporting application that for some will be better than anything they've had yet. For others, it will be a concept prototype that they can use to socialize with their stakeholders for feedback and funding approval. 

How long does it take?

The application should be available to use within 4 to 6 weeks, perhaps sooner. This includes getting input from you, configuring the applications, and getting your users set up. We'll then give you and our users 4 additional weeks to test drive the resulting application.

During this period, the time required from you is minimal: mainly just a few minutes here and there to answer questions and some time to prep your data.

What will it cost me?

It's free.

Why is it free?

We believe that what Juice does could benefit more people if it were just more accessible. So we're experimenting with packaging and streamlining our design. During this R&D effort, we'll be learning lots about what works and what doesn't work. To make sure we get the right folks participating, we've decided to make price a non-issue.

Will it always be free?

No. We're running a special research effort now to better understand how to streamline our design process. When it's over, it'll be over.

What about the reporting application that you configure for me? Can I use it for free?

Once the design phase is completed, we will let you use, share, and socialize the app for four weeks for free. At the end of that trial period, you'll have the option to transition to a longer-term agreement for a fee, or discontinue use and be free to go find a solution that does have long-term value for you.

What's the process?

The process we follow is simple:
*You answer some questions about your target audience, desired report, and your data.
*We use those insights to configure a data reporting application.
*You and your users take it for a spin for four weeks and Juice collects feedback.
*If you find the app valuable, you sign up for continued service at a very reasonable price.

What am I committing to? What do I have to provide to make it happen?

For this to be successful for both of us, there are a few things we'll need from you:
*An idea for a data report.
*A target audience with 5 to 10 named users.
*Data (well, actually, if you don't have data we can fake it, but real data helps. Real data in a clean, computer-readable helps a lot).
*Willing to sign an NDA and abide by the principles of the program.
*Open to the idea of a continued service for a fee.

Why should I participate?

Different people have different reasons,  but any of the following might be true for you:
*You have a great idea for a reporting application, but don't know exactly where to start.
*You have a great idea for a reporting application, but you need a working prototype in order to get stakeholder buy in and budget approval.
*You've already tried building a reporting solution with another BI tool but found it too difficult to design and implement.
*You appreciate well-designed data reporting, but aren't a designer.
*You appreciate the value of good data analysis, but aren't an analyst.
*You need a production-quality reporting application, but aren't a developer.
*You think you want an app built on Juicebox, but need a more achievable starting point.

Why do I have to provide a list of users?

We believe that the best feedback for an application comes from the end users, and users can't give feedback unless they're using the application. Even though you get a Juicebox reporting application, we're doing this for R&D purposes to improve and streamline our application design process. We won't use your user contact information for anything other than soliciting feedback on the application we design for you.

How is it different from your normal application design process?

At its core, this process is the same process we use to design custom applications on our Juicebox platform. The difference is the Juicebox Cloud Lightweight Design Process is streamlined based on the most common principles we use. This all means that the resulting application will be much like a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your concept, rather than the fully-baked applications that come out of our full-on design process.

Do I have to have data ready?

No, but the process is quicker and more valuable if you have specific data handy. There are bonus points if your data is easily accessible in a flat-table format.