Together, we can use Juicebox to help you:


Monetize your data

All the functionality you need for a full-fledged product offering

Save customers time

Help them find answers faster and provide a better experience

Differentiate your offerings

Bring in a data play to stand out from the competition

Go to market

Taking your analytics to market? Juicebox can be your frontend

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Juicebox apps are as fast as your favorite website

Your customers can filter your data in real time.

Juicebox is built on AWS and integrates with your data wherever it is stored. Serve up analytics insights fast.


Every visualization comes standard with Juicebox

You'll get maps, cards, trends, and even a lollipop.

Not sure about how to present your data?

Part of the magic of going with Juice is we've been helping companies like yours tell data stories for over 12 years.

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Designed around the story your customers need

Our unique, connected approach to data storytelling delivers an intuitive, interactive experience.

Customers are guided through the data, drilling in and exploring to find insights.


Spark a conversation

Building your data product so customers want to use it is only part of the story.

When they find something insightful, built-in discussion features let the conversation start instantly and inside your app.

Sharing insights and answers about data is always the last step before real world action.

With Juicebox it happens right next to the data not in a yet another email or phone call.


With Juicebox, we’ve turned raw data into a visually compelling and easy to understand application that helps our customers understand and improve their CPR training performance.

Alf-Christian Dybdahl Business Unit Director, Emergency Care Laerdal Medical


Juicebox is enterprise ready out of the box


Keep your IP

HIPAA Compliant

Security Built-In

Scalable Infrastructure

Single Sign On

User Permissions

Usage Monitoring

White Label

Admin Panel

Embed in your stack

Database Encryption

Version control



Juicebox is the platform designed around the data stories format real people need to find answers from data. Check it out?