What’s in the (Juice)box?

Juicebox® can take you from data to launch in weeks

Built on the AWS cloud for scalability

Flexibility to let developers deliver powerful, customized solutions

Supported by Juice’s professional services


Juicebox® has everything you need to create interactive, data storytelling apps



Interactive features to engage customers with your data

Enable conversations


Data works best as a conversation. Juicebox lets users capture insights, share with colleagues, and collaborate to find answers.

Exclusive visualization library


Juice’s collection of interactive visual components provide the building blocks for designing data stories. Each visualization focuses on making data engaging, intuitive, and easy for your audience.

Story Flow


Our unique, connected approach to data storytelling delivers intuitive, interactive infographics. Users are guided through the data, drilling in and exploring to find insights.


Easily manage your portfolio of apps

Fully integrate into your existing solutions

Full-featured app management portal

Flexible user management and permissions


Juicebox comes with rich administrative tools to manage applications and users. Usage analytics lets you see how your customers are engaging with your applications.


Juicebox provides sophisticated user permission control so users only see the data that is meant for them.


Juicebox apps are white-labeled so you can present a world-class web application as an extension of your organization. We embed into your existing site and with single sign-on solutions.


You can depend on our enterprise-grade platform

Developer-friendly development environment

Built-in security

Scalable infrastructure


Ensure your apps and data are secure with enterprise-grade security features.


Juicebox enables scalable data apps build on AWS (Amazon Web Services), allowing you to reach large audiences without IT investments.


Build your Juicebox apps in our Cloud9 instant-on development environment. Deploy and manage app configuration in Git.