Notre Dame - Better visualizations equate to greater funding options.


Notre Dame is a top-ranked research university. Every year, its awarded millions of dollars in grants to tackle all kinds of complex issues – from finding better ways to fight malaria to reducing energy waste through nuclear power. But it’s hard to chase new projects and discuss current project status and performance across so many grants.

With data buried in excel, not to mention siloed in individual departments, how do you assemble an easy to understand performance summary?

Notre Dame enrolls in  Juicebox.

Juicebox transforms the multiple excel files and SQL queries from disparate systems into a series of dashboards updated daily. Gone are the days of siloed data that exists in manually updated spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.  

These dashboards are used by research staff to explore results and shared with administrators and foundations to deliver research updates. Everything is created in a low-code environment and shared via a responsive web application that anyone can use.

Our research shows promising results.

Now information is accessible, automatically updated, valued by users and most importantly funding is up.