Cayuse Analytics Powered by Juicebox



Cayuse is the leading provider of research administration software used by universities, hospitals, and institutes across North America to simply their funding processes and ensure regulatory compliance. As part of Cayuse’s vision to create a comprehensive suite of solutions, the company wanted to provide a way for customers to quickly analyze and report on their organization’s data.

Cayuse recognized that effective, easy-to-understand reporting could be a product differentiator in the market and the next step was to decide whether to build or buy a solution.

A Better Option

Cayuse chose to white-label and deliver through Juicebox as they created their own customer centric embedded dashboard and analytics solution. Juicebox came as a recommendation from Juice customers at UVA and Notre Dame. Once they saw the product in action and discovered it was a cloud-based solution which could be easily integrated, they knew it was the way forward.

“The continued excitement from our customers about Cayuse Analytics (powered by Juicebox) as well as how easy it is to work with the Juice team continually validates that we made the right decision." Jason Porter  Cayuse VP of Sales

Cayuse Analytics (powered by Juicebox)

Cayuse Analytics is a cloud-based research analytics platform that is straightforward to deploy, manage, and maintain.  It is a white-label solution that they sell to their customers as an add-on analytics product.