Notre Dame - Better visualizations equate to greater funding options.


Notre Dame is a top-ranked research university. Every year, its awarded millions of dollars in grants to tackle all kinds of complex issues – from finding better ways to fight malaria to reducing energy waste through nuclear power. But it’s hard to chase new projects and discuss current project status and performance across so many grants.

With data buried in excel, not to mention siloed in individual departments, how do you assemble an easy to understand performance summary?

Notre Dame enrolls in  Juicebox.

Juicebox transforms the multiple excel files and SQL queries from disparate systems into a series of dashboards updated daily. Gone are the days of siloed data that exists in manually updated spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.  

These dashboards are used by research staff to explore results and shared with administrators and foundations to deliver research updates. Everything is created in a low-code environment and shared via a responsive web application that anyone can use.

Our research shows promising results.

Now information is accessible, automatically updated, valued by users and most importantly funding is up.

Tennessee Department of Education Industry (TDOE) - Turning educators into master (data) storytellers.


The Tennessee Dept. of Education (TDOE) wanted to get data into the hands of school and school district administrators. There was a large amount of diverse data (different files, formats, etc.) that wasn’t displayed in a consistent way to support strategic planning or comparisons.  If one district was struggling with math ACT scores and another with math teacher retention, there was no easy way to put these issues side-by-side.

TDOE discovered the School Improvement Planning (SIP) product powered by Juicebox and leaned on the Juice and team to help with the design and flow of their performance dashboards to maximize usability. The data was transformed from many columns and rows into intuitive, easy-to-read data stories that could be explored from top to bottom. In addition, each school’s individual story gets benchmarked to the state’s overall average and their peers with the help of the Eldarian team.. Districts are now able to see best practices at work in the data, and use data in their strategic planning -- something that wasn’t possible before SIP.

“Several school superintendent have told us Juicebox allows them to understand the data and conduct the strategic planning they’ve been asked to do but have never been able to do.  Juicebox has been far better than we imagined.”   Nate Schwartz

Chief research and strategy officer for

Tennessee Department of Education

School Improvement Planning (SIP) powered by Juicebox

The SIP solution has created a new level of data engagement by school and district administrators.  Not only are districts reading, understanding and discussing their data as stories, but strategic planning is now at a place it hadn’t been previously.

Cayuse Analytics Powered by Juicebox



Cayuse is the leading provider of research administration software used by universities, hospitals, and institutes across North America to simply their funding processes and ensure regulatory compliance. As part of Cayuse’s vision to create a comprehensive suite of solutions, the company wanted to provide a way for customers to quickly analyze and report on their organization’s data.

Cayuse recognized that effective, easy-to-understand reporting could be a product differentiator in the market and the next step was to decide whether to build or buy a solution.

A Better Option

Cayuse chose to white-label and deliver through Juicebox as they created their own customer centric embedded dashboard and analytics solution. Juicebox came as a recommendation from Juice customers at UVA and Notre Dame. Once they saw the product in action and discovered it was a cloud-based solution which could be easily integrated, they knew it was the way forward.

“The continued excitement from our customers about Cayuse Analytics (powered by Juicebox) as well as how easy it is to work with the Juice team continually validates that we made the right decision." Jason Porter  Cayuse VP of Sales

Cayuse Analytics (powered by Juicebox)

Cayuse Analytics is a cloud-based research analytics platform that is straightforward to deploy, manage, and maintain.  It is a white-label solution that they sell to their customers as an add-on analytics product.