Juicebox® is a next-generation platform for building data stories


Display reports and dashboards as guided stories


Let users easily share and discuss their most important findings


Turn data insights into business actions



Our one-of-a-kind recipe has all the ingredients for your success


Go from data to live app in weeks, not months

After providing sample data and answering key audience questions, you'll soon see your own live, interactive data application.


Provide the right solution from the get-go

We'll provide you with useful user feedback so that you never have to guess how effective your report is.


Get your own personal advisor

When you create a Juicebox application, an expert advisor is there to guide you and answer any questions you have along the way.


Go ahead, get a taste of Juicebox


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Nashville Arts Grants


What people are saying about Juicebox®

The Juice team are experts at leading users down a guided path and telling stories with data.
— Robert A. Frist, CEO HealthStream
With Juicebox, we’ve turned raw data into a visually compelling and easy to understand application that helps our customers.
— Alf-Christian Dybdahl, Laerdal Medical
Juicebox Clients

What's inside the box

Modern and Enterprise-ready. With Juicebox, personalized data stories delivered to large audiences are now affordable and easy.

Scalable infrastructure

Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to scale affordably with no stress on your IT team.

Maximum user control

Sophisticated user permission control so users with access only see the data that is meant for them.

Branded for you

Juicebox is white-labeled to show off your organization's brand and style.

Connect to your data, anywhere

We integrate to data sources and APIs to bring your data into Juicebox. Our ETL toolkit ensures the data flows into your data application automatically.

Manage your apps

Juicebox comes with rich administrative tools to manage applications, users, and usage.

Single sign-on

Do you have an existing identity system? No problem. We'll integrate to give users single sign-on convenience.