Need more insights from your data? Inject data science into your Juicebox application

We can bring more smarts to your data with statistical techniques, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Through partnerships with industry leaders in data science, Juice integrates advanced analytics into your solution.

How do we do it? Juice collaborates with you to determine the most valuable approach for your advanced analytics. By partnering with data science experts we are able to deliver insights from your data that will ensure your customers make smart decisions.


Marketing / segmentation / data augmentation (LogicPlum)

Optimization: Improved medical support, care coordination and journey optimization

Prediction: Optimal course identification, outcome prediction, risk indicators

Value-based Healthcare: Preventive care improvement, cost reduction and internal resources optimization

Recommendation engine…Wealth management, or NLP (John)

We partner with data science leaders to deliver intelligence, data storytelling applications


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Case Study: Laerdal Case Study

Global leader in CPR simulation breathes new life into data.

Case Study: Preverity

Preverity relies on our Juicebox platform to deliver insights to users.