The Technology Final Four!

iPhone. Wikipedia. Google Search. Amazon Store. Now it gets interesting. The winners from each of the four regions, pitted against each other. Nerds versus Dweebs; Geeks versus Dorks. What could be more exciting? (It reminds me of that time in high school when the chess club ambushed the french horns behind the bleachers: lots of broken glasses and mechanical pencils.) Here are the results from Round 4:

And here's the updated bracket:

Technology-Bracketology - Round 4 small
Technology-Bracketology - Round 4 small

Now vote! Remember, your picks should be based on:

  • influence: changed how we thought about a problem and future technology solutions
  • innovative: new and different, why didn't I think of that?
  • adoption: pervasive, widely used

You can vote for your favorites on the Technology Bracketology Round 5. We'll report on Round 5 results on Saturday, March 31st, and we'll run the final championship round on Monday April, 2nd!