Design Tips for Non-Designers
the past year I’ve compiled this list of items for non-designers or people who work with designers Although I am not a designer, I have learned much about design over the last several years. Over . Its intent is to give those of us that work increasingly with dashboard or information designers what you've learned. None of this will make you a designer, but your conversations with designers will be so much more fruitful. Enjoy. Design Tips for Non-Designers greater fluency in our conversations with designers. Creating this list took on a new urgency for me
Designed to be used
Designed to be used short list of some design principles that we use to keep the user productive: Solve a problem - Make know how much proper design can make an application really useful - or totally useless. But then again design design choice, every line of code, everything left in and everything left out." Very eloquently and , isn’t this the case with any application? Aren’t the best ones those in which the designer applied
Designing Great Dashboards – Part 3
Designing Great Dashboards – Part 3 : Information Design available for download. In this part, we provide practical tips for putting design
Designing Great Dashboards – Part 2
Designing Great Dashboards – Part 2
Designing Great Dashboards – The Book
. For those who register, we’ll be mailing Parts 2 (Structure) and 3 (Information Design) over the next Designing Great Dashboards – The Book applications. So, we’ve decided to share the wealth. We’ve decided to compile many of the design tips design
The Purpose Driven Design
actually get done? It looks to me like the folks over at Duarte Design have it figured out. Nancy Duarte made this post regarding the recent DesignThinkers2008 conference. In it, she very astutely stated The Purpose Driven Design Have you ever tried to define a word such as "design"? It’s not too easy. Here’s what the New Oxford American Dictionary says: design |dəˈzÄ«n| noun 2 purpose, planning, or intention that exists or design "[proper] design isn’t about decoration, it’s about meaning and access to information". Very cool
Think Like a Designer
I’m a big fan of the work they’re doing over at Duarte Design. Great, practical, motivating information presentation. A focus on design at the beginning expands the ability to deliver context , which resulted in the article "How to Become a Better Manager By Thinking Like a Designer" (sign up design and meaning. But before you discount design as a concept for well, you know, "those artsy types", keep presentation design practices. Rarely do I come away from their site un-inspired about something. Recently Think Like a Designer
Designing a Better 'Federal IT Dashboard'
where it can be significantly improved: Message Flow Charts Context Design fundamentals (Not 25th.) Part 1: Message The information designer is responsible for presenting the data in a way that . If you're interested in learning more about how to design better dashboards, check out our white paper Designing Dashboards People Love to Use. Designing a Better 'Federal IT Dashboard' to use it as a case study for "opportunities" to design a better dashboard. There are five areas
Designing a Better Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Designing a Better Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Home Guided Story Designer Section
. Information-designer-in-a-box. Tell the Guide about your audience and data and we deliver a and we create a live, interactive data application. UX-designer-in-a-box. Share a few prototypical users and we gather feedback about the application. crafted data story design. Application-developer-in-a-box. Provide sample data and styling preferences Home Guided Story Designer Section
The Best Product Manager: Hustler, Designer, Hacker
design as part of product management is only surpassed by that for her customers, products and causes many of the companies mentioned have consolidated Product Management and Design into single roles or The Best Product Manager: Hustler, Designer, Hacker . Just consider what these roles bring to the table: DESIGNER This role can seem as nebulous as the ideal startup team consists of: a designer, a hustler, and a hacker.” The most successful Product design and love into the products is what creates real customer engagement and advocates. That’s why
Dashboard Designs People Love - A Refresher
know someone who could benefit from a little dashboard design “religion”, feel free to let them know Dashboard Designs People Love - A Refresher Using proper dashboard design techniques is a topic that struck a chord when we released our white
Design Principles
Design Principles Design Principles They should never be sacrificed. But first you need to know what they are.
Design Principles
Flexible access points Make it fun SIMPLICITY Group like elements Design for modularity Keep it compact symbols, usually Use learned structures Test designs Minimize interaction dependency Use common language Design Principles Here is our list of time-tested principles of thought for designing all-star applications. It's a distracts Provide goals Save snapshots Provide alerts Contextual help INTERFACE DESIGN Remove junk to think like a designer, but behind these fundamentals is a wealth of potential for you and your
Important Dialogue
dissect a few notable design decisions, you’ll be more comfortable with identifying and repurposing fundamentals of improved information design that can be appropriately applied on future interfaces design you’ll find its the culmination of many design decisions creating a consistent language people (money-making!) design decisions that speak people embrace the cross-pollination of ideas. Since people are everywhere, take advantage of learning from new fields you don’t frequent. In a design nut
11 Parallels Between Architecture and Interface Design
. The parallel in interface design is considering the context of users: What is their typical workflow parallels between her work and the type of interface design we do at Juice. In both cases, design building needs a core story that characterizes its essential qualities. In our interface designs, we designer is to translate vague but strongly-held desires of the client into a practical reality 11 Parallels Between Architecture and Interface Design design designing. Like interface design, the architectural design process evolves from the most abstract (blocks
Beautiful Evidence
, Images -- Together The Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design Corruption in Evidence design. Tufte covers the following topics. Mapped Pictures: Images as Evidence and Explanation Sparklines first five chapters, particularly in The Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design. The last three presenting information, suggests new designs, and provides tools for assessing the credibility of design
Chart Makeovers
thinking. Phase 1 | Sales + Calls, Aggregate Performance Before & After Design Principles Visualisation is / Product, Aggregate Performance Before & After Design Principles Use color carefully Use 50% grey decisions. The explanations aren’t meant to be exhaustive but rather are a glimpse into design not always the best solution Emphasise the interesting Design Reflection For fonts, often the best design after shots, key design principles highlighted, and a freeform reflection on some practical design
UI: Hot or Not?
why this happens is that it’s hard to separate the elements of design related to organization and the elements related to aesthetics. Joel makes a point about this in his series on good design . However, I disagree with his point that aesthetics can only enhance a design and not take away from it design (imagine if your Ipod was puke green). He’s on the right track: good design is a two dimensional The Wisdump blog recently did a design critique of Odeo. They made some good points but
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