Are you ready to monetize your data?

Gartner predicts that 30 percent of businesses will have begun monetizing information assets by 2016. Juicebox® is the leading data visualization platform to take advantage of this opportunity. Juicebox® will:

1. Ensure speed to market for your new data product

2. Scale your data products to thousands of users without cumbersome up-front licensing costs

3. Deliver best-practice data visualization and advanced application features for user collaboration

4. All the out-of-the-box features you'll need for customer-facing applications.

Our Juicebox® platform customers are creating new data businesses by launching multi-million dollar data products. Let's get started.

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Case Study: Predikto

Predikto wanted to enable the buyers of their solution to reduce the expense resulting from avoidable equipment failures. Juicebox® enabled them to deliver valuable insights.

“Juicebox delivers our predictive analytic results to customers in an easy-to-consume, visually compelling way. Working with the Juice team has been great. Their expertise is evident, and their commitment to creating a truly valuable product is realized in Juicebox. Our customers are ecstatic with the results.”

– Mario Montag, Chief Executive Officer, Predikto

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