Join us on our journey to bring delicious data to all people

We’re a small company who loves to simplify the presentation of data for the non-analysts among us. That means working with heavy-hitter customers who need to find the best way to present and share their most valuable information with their customers. The trick is, we do the wrapping for them. Our solutions need to excel both in the end-user experience and through the quality of our implementation and development. 

We're a ten year old company, recognized as data presentation and visualization experts. We have a talented team and need people interested in being the best at what they do. 

This is where you come in.


Are you the kind of person who can demonstrate keen attention to detail and some slick work under your belt. You should be comfortable working in a small company environment that values both self-motivation and teamwork. These are full-time roles, and you must live in either the Atlanta or Nashville areas (or find the prospect of such habitation alluring.) 

We have the following openings:

  • Frontend Developer (Nashville)
  • Junior Automation Engineer
  • Data Application Developer Intern (Nashville)

No recruiters, please.

To apply for one of the positions below, email us at or fill out this form.

Frontend Developer–Nashville

This role is for someone passionate about working with a team to build the future of accessible data. We are building a platform for delivering a dynamic, data-rich experience. You will be part of a small team designing, maintaining, and supporting our solution.

Qualities we're looking for:

  • You should care about code-smell, code-reviews, tests and documentation. We provide time to care for the platform but sometimes short-term solutions are needed (we call them hackitos).
  • You should enjoy working with a team, we support our implementers gladly.
  • Self-motivation; we don’t micromanage.
  • You should be comfortable with version control and development workflows. We use Git.
  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS3 including working in touch-responsive and mobile environments
  • Experience building javascript components with Backbone or React.
  • Experience with SASS or LESS
  • Experience with D3 is a plus.
  • Being familiar with full stack development is helpful. Our backend is written in Python so it's helpful you're comfortable there or eager to learn. We are planning on using Node selectively as well.

Our core platform is built with the following technologies, so experience with any is a bonus:

  • Modular, dynamically compiled Javascript front-end (using webpack and makefiles) with Backbone and D3. 
  • Custom theming engine built on libsass and postcss.
  • RESTful Python backend with Django, with growing usage of Flask. (We are planning for selective usage of Node)

Here are some projects you might work on:

  • Improving application architecture.
  • Building custom D3 components to visualize data.
  • Building Node microservices to allow users to collaborate
  • Building on our current command framework to improve how user’s can communicate with our backend. Similar to Slack’s message buttons architecture.
  • Greenfield admin tools to allow our clients to manage apps/users

This position is in Nashville. We are flexible with hours and in-office/out-of-office work.

If you're interested, drop us a line at Include "Senior Frontend Developer" in the subject line. We'd love to see your relevant professional links as well (LinkedIn, Github, etc.)

We can't wait to meet you.

Junior Automation Engineer

This role is focused on optimization, scaling, and support for our enterprise clients and our Juicebox platform.

You will be responsible for building and improving tooling that allows us to offer our clients a reliable and stable platform. Our implementations team handles client-specific application development. You will work with a team to provide them with the tooling needed to develop, deploy, and monitor these applications.

In your role, you will help us continue transforming our product into a platform, with a strong focus on security, stability, and scaling.

Qualities we're looking for:

  • Experience with AWS or other cloud-based platforms
  • Familiarity with Linux. We currently use Ubuntu.
  • Familiarity with continuous integration pipelines
  • You should be comfortable with version control. We use Git.
  • Experience configuring and customizing ticketing systems, particularly JIRA
  • You should be comfortable with Python or willing to learn. JavaScript experience is a plus.
  • Experience building monitoring dashboards, especially with Grafana and/or Kibana
  • You will need to work an on-call rotation for production outages. You should not have to deal directly with end users, and developers should support their own products.
  • Experience with database administration, especially Postgres and/or Redshift
  • Familiarity with ETL processes
  • Familiarity with micro service architectures. Knowledge of Vagrant and Docker toolchains is a plus.

Our core platform is built with the following technologies, so experience with any is a bonus:

  • JavaScript front-end with Backbone and D3
  • Python backend with Django, with growing usage of Flask
  • Configuration management and orchestration is done with Salt
  • Centralized logging w/ Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana
  • Centralized metrics w/ CloudWatch, Graphite, and Grafana
  • AWS infrastructure management with Terraform

Here are some projects you might work on:

  • Automating the management of a growing number of databases and schemas, including user and migration management.
  • Help scale our growing number of ETL pipelines by building out new functionality for error handling, monitoring, and alerts.
  • Help build out a new CI / CD pipelines for our platform and for client applications

If you're interested, drop us a line at, telling us about a time when you turned data into something valuable and how you did it. Include ""Solutions Developer"" in the subject line. We'd love to see your relevant professional links as well (LinkedIn, Github, etc.)

We have offices in Atlanta and Nashville. Remote work is possible.

Data Application Developer Intern - Nashville

As a Data Application Developer Intern, you'll help our customers go from zero to production on our data presentation platform. You’ll help with understanding customer data and business needs in order to design and develop a solution that meets those needs. Additionally, you'll be responsible for assisting with developing the ETL pipelines to ingest customer data, writing the data services in the Juice platform, and configuring the application to meet the customer design specifications.

Here are some other things you'll work on:

  • Implement applications using the Juicebox platform
  • Work with data to understand its size, complexity, and scope
  • Assist with database design to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance and reliability
  • Create ETL pipelines to programmatically ingest data in a production environment
  • Collaborate with design analysts and others to understand business and industry requirements
  • Set development timelines and communicate progress to all parties involved
  • Maintain application code base using Git branching strategies

Qualities we're looking for:

  • Data wrangling: You need to be comfortable manipulating, generating, reshaping, and generally molding data in a variety of forms including CSV, JSON and XML.
  • SQL skills: You should be excited to solve tricky puzzles. We mostly use PostgreSQL but experience with other databases (particularly SQL Server) are welcome.
  • Programming experience: While this role will require knowledge Python/SQLAlchemy, we value experience with other programming languages as well. You should have experience with Git and web development frameworks.
  • Design appreciation: Juice is a design-led company and having an appreciation for design (especially web design) and an interest in making data beautiful is important.
  • Team-oriented: We're stronger together than we are apart and we genuinely enjoy each other's company and successes.
  • Critical thinking:  Every customer/application has its own unique set of challenges and you’ll be tasked with figuring out how to design an application that meets all of their requirements and fits within our technical architecture.

Other skills you will develop in this role:

  • Familiarity with data visualization and an active interest in best practices
  • Experience with Amazon Redshift and performance measurement and tuning of queries
  • Familiarity with modern CSS and HTML
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks such as backbone.js, D3, and Vega
  • Experience using Git and agile development processes
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with development collaboration/ticketing software such as JIRA

Required knowledge: English language proficiency

To apply, email us at